The Celestial Altium Library is free, Open Source and cloud hosted.

Quick Start Steps

Don't want to read the instructions? Here's the steps in brief!

Register on the library portal. You will need to verify your email address before you can log in.
Clone the library repository from GitHub. We suggest using GitHub Desktop, and clone to C:\altium-library\.
Download your DbLib with pre-loaded connection string from the portal. Create a Server Login if you have not already. Save the file to the repository directory on your computer (C:\altium-library\). Connection problems? Download sqlncli.msi from Microsoft.
Use the library by adding it to your installed libraries. In Altium, go to File-based libraries preferences, Installed Tab, Install button and select the DbLib file. Component views should now appear in your Components panel.

Full Instructions

Don't want to miss something important? Here's the full instructions.

Register an Account

Start with a library portal account.

Each company/organisation or individual will need a portal account. A portal user can create multiple database server logons to provide access to each staff member.

Enter your details on the portal website, and wait for the verification email to arrive. This typically arrives instantly, but can take a couple of minutes at times.

Register Now

Confirm Your Email

Let us know your email is valid to gain access.

In the registration email you will see a large CONFIRM EMAIL button.

Clicking the confirm email button will take you to the portal site and log you in, so you can continue with creating a login.

If the registration email has not arrived after 5-10 minutes, you can re-register with the same email address to send the verification email again.

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