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Welcome to the Open Source Altium Component Library.

The largest collection of supplier linked, high quality production ready components. Build your products with components that fit and reflow perfectly during prototype and production.

The entire parts library is completely free to use!

Components Trusted By Industry

Engineers at major Aerospace (NASA, SpaceX), Defence (Northrop Grumman), Industrial (ABB), Scientific (Sandia National Laboratory, Thermo Fisher), Technology (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft), and Automotive (BMW, Ford, Mercedes F1) companies and organizations trust the Celestial Library when creating their hardware.


Designed for production use. Symbols and Footprints are real world proven.

Cloud Hosted

The Database is hosted in the cloud with no software required on your computer.

BOM Export

Place real parts from a supplier. Your BOM will be fully populated ready to the order parts you placed.

Pick and Place

Component centres are the correct spot for a Pick and Place machine to collect the part, meaning less programming, less rework.

3D Models

Every part has a beautiful 3D model built to the manufacturers dimensions. Your board previews never looked so fantastic.

Footprint Size

Footprints are all sized to the manufacturers specifications - not generic. You can be sure the parts fit and reflow perfectly.

Part Search

Thanks to full parametric information and Altium's filtering, it's fast to find the appropriate component in the library.

Real Components

Placing real components protects you from adding a part or value combination that does not exist in the real world.


Hundreds of Universities, Government and Private organisations rely on this library for their daily work. The library's high quality, accurate parts and excellent production success rates are strongly valued by our users.

High Quality Data

This library was built to have the highest quality of data from the start. Fully accurate 3D Models, footprints and parametric data.

Never place a component value that doesn't exist again. Your BOM will generate with all the actual components you placed, complete with supplier links and supplier SKUs.

The library is production proven, footprints are designed to the manufacturers specifications so parts fit and reflow perfectly. Components pick and place correctly thanks to correct component centroid information.

Every part has complete parametric data (all the technical specs) as well as supplier and datasheet links available directly from within Altium.


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Open Source Altium Database Library

Cloud hosted database gives you the largest selection of components from any database library available. Completely open source, and free to use in commercial projects. Save yourself the time of building libraries, get back to the business of designing electronics.

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