After registering a portal account, it's time to download the library files and configure Altium.

Download GitHub Desktop

For easy updates, use a Git tool.

The Celestial library is constantly adding new footprints and symbols. To keep up to date with the database data, you should use a Git tool to allow easy cloning of the library files.

GitHub Desktop is the most user friendly tool for working with GitHub projects, and we recommend you use it for keeping your library files up to date.

Download Now

Clone the Library

Clone the library to your computer.

Clicking the Clone Now link below should open GitHub Desktop and take you to the clone repository window. If it does not, you can access it from File -> Clone Repository and enter issus/altium-library for the url.

Clone Now

Create a Server Login

Create credentials to access the database server.

Create a New Login

Create a database login.

You will need to create a database login to be able to connect with Altium. You can do this from the Server Logins -> New Login page. Just select altium_library for the database to access.

As the credentials are stored in plain text on your computer, we randomly generate a username and password for you, so you're not tempted to use a password or username you use elsewhere.

Create Login

Download Login

Get your DbLib file.

Finally, you need to download the DbLib file from your logins list.

From the Server Logins -> Manage page, click DbLib for the login you just created. Important: Ensure the DbLib is saved into the directory you cloned the library to from GitHub.

Install the Library

Tell Altium where to find the library.

Set Altium Preferences

Open the library preferences window

In the Components Panel, click the menu button and choose File-based Libraries Preferences.

Install the library

In the Available File-based Libraries window that pops up, click on the Installed tab, then the Install button.

Select the DbLib you downloaded to the directory you cloned the library to, then close the Available File-based Libraries window.


Altium is now configured to use the database library!

Use the Library

Finding the Views

The Components Panel will now contain dozens of views containing the components of the library in an organised fashion.

If you can't see any components in the views, take a look at the Troubleshooting Guide.

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